AI-powered Solutions Specialized for the Insurance Sector

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Comprehensive Product Integration

Upload all your insurance products and their details via web, PDFs, Excel, and other formats for seamless access.

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Customized to Your Brand

Our AI chatbot is fully trainable with your company's specific information from your website.

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Easy Website Integration

Easily integrate our chatbot into your website with simple steps.

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Semantic Insights for Strategic Decisions

With our Semantic Insights, gain insights into customer preferences, uncover unmet demands, and identify new product opportunities with our AI-driven tools.

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Specialized AI Models for Insurance

Leverage our highly advanced AI models, specifically developed for the insurance industry's unique needs.

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Fully Customizable Interface

Tailor the chatbot’s appearance, tone, voice, and imagery to match your brand’s identity.

Choose the number of messages

your agent can send and receive

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To start. You can try all our features at an affordable price.

200USD per month

  • Collects leads and advises clients on the best insurance options
  • Recommends the best insurance based on client interests and payment ability
  • Conversation and message management
  • Access to real-time statistics
  • Lead creation from your conversations

Sales Agent

Our recommendation. All the power of Bella in your hands. Start now!

500USD per month

  • All the concierge features plus,
  • Pushes sales to completion, integrating Stripe for transactions
  • Considers VAT and Stripe commission in the sale price
  • Access to real-time statistics
  • Lead creation from your conversations not finished

Post-Sales Agent

Do you have additional needs? Contact us for a personalized solution.

700USD per month

  • All the concierge and sales agents features plus,
  • Manages post-sale customer interactions and support
  • Multi-channel: email, instant messaging, and calls (if enabled)
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and retention
  • Handles follow-up inquiries and issue resolution

Your Sales and Support Partner


Automated Sales Agent

Load your insurance products into our chatbot and let it autonomously handle sales.

AI-Driven Customer Support

Instantly upload all relevant company information and let our AI chatbot provide fast, accurate responses to your customers.


Seamless Integration Across All Sales Channels

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Voice-Enabled Telephone Support

Enhance your phone support with voice-activated responses from our AI chatbot.

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WhatsApp Integration

Expand your customer service and sales capabilities through WhatsApp with our intelligent chatbot solutions.

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SMS Automation

Deploy automated SMS communications to enhance customer engagement.

Top-Tier Security for Your Data

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Controlled Messaging

Manage your chatbot interactions and costs efficiently without overpaying.

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Role-Based Access Control

Ensure that sensitive data is accessible only by authorized personnel.

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Private and Secure Conversations

All conversation data is private and is not used to train other models, ensuring confidentiality.

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Reliable AI Responses

Receive responses that are consistently reliable and more accurate than other market alternatives.

Join the future of the insurance industry now


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